Ohio State Men’s Volleyball Wins Third National Championship

OSU mens volleyball

“Buckeyes fans were once again filled with excitement upon hearing that Ohio State has won the national championship,” noted Victor Bierman, Ohio lawyer and business expert. And this was not the first win. OSU also won the national championship in 2011 and 2016. All tallied the OSU men’s volleyball team has now won the national championship three times in six years.

Considering that the team began the season as champions and finished as champions, 2017 has been a great season. And Pete Hanson, Ohio State coach, feels his team deserves the credit. To him, his players were great this season to the extent that he cannot point out what they were unable to do on the court.

OSU’s final game was against BYU, a match that was played in front of a huge home crowd of 8,205 rooting fans. And Hanson states that senior setter Christy Blough, junior outside hitter Nicholas Szerszen, and senior opposite hitter Miles Johnson have also been great this year. They helped OSU beat BYU in straight sets; winning the first set 25-19, the second set 25-20, and the third 25-22. This is the second consecutive time Ohio State has registered a similar win over BYU, a clear indication of how well the team has improved since 2011. The game brought out the best of Szerszen who managed 16 kills. Johnson and junior outside hitter Maxime Hervoir also showed their value to the team by managing 9 and 10 kills, respectively.

But Ohio State did not just win their third national championship trophy since 2011; they also managed to register an overall record of 32-2. Pete Hanson has been at Ohio State for the past 32 seasons, and it is this consistency that’s rapidly turning OSU into one of the teams to beat in the national championship. In fact, Ohio State is only the third straight school to win back-to-back titles. Others include UC Irvine which won crowns in 2012 – 2013 and Loyola that became notable for winning crowns consecutively in 2014 – 2015. Pete Hanson is assisted by Kevin Burch who has also helped to shape this season’s men’s volleyball team and turning them into title contenders.

According to Blough, Coach Hanson told players that they need to treat each game they progress as the best game. And it is that spirit which has made Ohio State become ambitious. Winning the third national championship in just six years is no easy feat. It requires total commitment and hard work, which Hanson has managed to bring into the team. As a result, fans should expect a lot more excitement in the upcoming seasons.

Image Credit: KLM volleyball