About Victor Bierman

Victor Bierman’s professional experience consists of more than a decade of legal practice, business development, and solving complex issues.  As a result of his involvement in a wide array of professional engagements and business endeavors, Victor gained valuable first hand experience navigating many of the growth challenges that companies often encounter.  During the evolution of Mr. Bierman’s career he has come to realize that an entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking, and attention to detail are critical elements in helping businesses overcome obstacles to maintain a healthy and sustainable organization.

Victor Bierman established a strong technical and analytical skill set through representation of small to middle market companies from their formation through rapid expansion. His primary legal expertise is in acquisitions, financing, contract negotiations, risk assessment and healthcare. He was often called upon by clients to act as both a legal and business advisor, and in the course of serving in these roles, Mr. Bierman also established a high level business skill set in management, marketing, and operations.

Victor Bierman is very proud to be a loving husband and father to two amazing and successful children who were both born and raised in Ohio.  He enjoys sports, coaching, travel, technology and great food.