Cleveland Indians Fans Hoping for Championship Win

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland has had a lot to celebrate lately. First it was the recent hosting of the RNC and then came the Cavs championship win; so Cleveland fans are hoping for a trifecta as the Indians are on the verge of winning the MLB championship. The Indians clinched the AL Central divisional title on September 26, 2016 when they ran over the Tigers in Detroit. The win puts the team on course to end their 9-year drought of clinching the championship title.

Cleveland Indians fans have had a lot of ups and downs. So, they feel this is a deserved victory. “This year has both been rough and really great, and we hope it will end on a high; of course, with us clinching the long awaited championship title,” said Indians fan, Angela Giuliano.

Despite many fans being concerned, Cleveland Indians have done favorably well. In fact, their run in this season’s championship has been compared to the success of the Cavaliers who won the NBA championship earlier this year. According to news released by SportsTime Ohio, Cleveland Indians recorded their highest rating for the season since 2005. Moreover, the network registered a 6.5 household rating for the season, which is an average of 97,000 households for every game. Going by statistics, that rating is 65-percent over 2015’s mark of 3.93.

In 2005, the team drew 6.62 household rating and appeared poised for a playoff spot until they collapsed in the final week; much to the disappointment of fans. But this season, the Indians booked their playoff spot in October, with a week of regular season still remaining. Winning the AL Central title on September 26, 2016 proved vital, as it led to a 10.48 household rating. The game was seen in more than 156,000 homes, the season’s sixth highest rating.

“These series of successes have brought a renewed sense of vibrancy and excitement to the city,” said Victor Bierman, Ohio lawyer and business expert. “For their part, the team believes this will be the season that will end the 9-year drought. Compared to last year’s results, the Indians are better and are getting the results that are putting them in a position to win the championship title,” he added.

Image Credit: Chris Metcalf | Flickr

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