Ohio to Train Workforce to Meet Future Job Market Demand

Ohio State Capitol building

In an effort to train Ohio’s workforce to take full advantage of future job market demands, Governor John Kasich recently announced a new workforce initiative asking his Executive Workforce Board to “find ways to remove barriers to training and employment opportunities for Ohioans.” He asked the board to bring recommendations to him within ninety days. “We need a workforce system and education system that can respond to the changes and develop a skilled and productive workforce to compete in a global economy,” said Ryan Burgess, the governor’s director of the Office of Workforce Transformation.

In a study conducted by OhioMeansJobs, 100,000 jobs are available on a consistent basis. But, at the same time, around 300,000 people are unemployed, according to state unemployment data. It’s because of these statistics that Gov. Kasich has instructed his Executive Workforce Board to search for ways to do away with barriers that prevent people of Ohio from landing these jobs. Gov. Kasich wants Ohioans to have the necessary skills that Ohio companies need, so they can be absorbed in the job market. And these skills, according to the Governor, can effectively be acquired through training.

The Executive Workforce Board is planning to work with colleges, schools and universities, as well as non-profit organizations and labor groups. The main objective of the board will be to determine the skills that individuals need today and in the future.

Burgess leads a strong Executive Workforce Board team of 28 members who are educators, business leaders, legislators, and labor leaders. Although Ohio has been consistently increasing the number of available jobs, Gov. Kasich wants to make sure that current and future employees are prepared to meet the companies’ ever-changing working requirements. Recent years have seen employers and educators carry out various initiatives to help equip workers with basic skills needed by companies in Ohio.

Given the fact that Ohio has been adding jobs on a consistent basis means the state currently has numerous jobs available. “But there are just not enough people with the required skills to fill these vacant positions,” said Victor Bierman III, Ohio lawyer and business expert. “Considering the quality of training the Governor wants to develop, Ohio workers will not just have the experience and expertise to perform in current jobs but also the ability to meet future job market demands.”

Image Credit: Jim Bowen | Flickr

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