Cleveland Browns Feeling the Pressure for a Win This Season

Cleveland Browns fans

It was Stipe Miocic, Cleveland-based mixed martial artist and UFC Heavyweight Champion, who first put the city of Cleveland on quite the roll. Born in Euclid, Ohio in 1982, his success in May 2016 was quickly followed by a host of fortunes from the Lake Erie Monsters, the Cavs, and most recently, the Cleveland Indians. With these successes the pressure is on for the Cleveland Browns this season. The team is young, probably younger than most opponents in the NFL, and this has made the expectation even higher.

Although the team is far from its peak the high expectations for Cleveland is enough to inject the motivation that will help propel the Browns to greater heights. According to Sashi Brown, executive vice president for the Cleveland Browns, it takes time to develop and start winning titles just like it took the Indians and even the Cavs. So, with hard work, good organization and, of course, motivation, the Browns will undoubtedly make it. But the team is so far 0-8 for the season.  And with the season at its halfway mark, fans are hoping that they will turn things around soon.

The Browns hope that this pressure from the media and fans does not impact negatively on the players but rather the players become motivated by it. After all, there is nothing like the pressure of having won zero games. The players desperately want to win. They need a win. This season, the Browns added 14 players and went further to strategically sign veteran leaders through the free-agency period. Also, the team has an experienced head coach in Hue Jackson who is accustomed to working with young talents at the start of the season.

According to Jackson, there is no science in football; thus, every player should stay focused and the pressure around should not mess with their mindset. “They should strive to win every game and relieve some of the pressure emanating from the media and fans,” noted Victor Bierman, Ohio lawyer and business expert. The players understand their coach and know that it’s all about work once they step into the Cleveland Browns camp. With Jackson as their head coach and young talented players who are more than willing to deliver, the Browns have the tools to right the ship. At this point, fans are just hoping for a win.

Image Credit: Erik Drost | Flickr

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