Best Quaint Towns in Ohio to Spend a Weekend

granville ohio

Ohio is one of the most scenic and historic states. And from the Lake Erie shoreline to the rural countryside of the Appalachian Plateau, the Ohio landscape is dotted with many fun and exciting quaint towns giving visitors a glimpse into a unique cultural past with a sprinkling of modernity.


Put-In-Bay is a beautiful quaint island village on South Bass Island. Despite its tiny population (138), it is a popular tourist destination with thousands of visitors each day. Visitors from around the country visit here to go inside and explore Crystal Cave, the largest geode in the world, the town’s top attraction. Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation here, but renting a bike is also a great way to see the sights. Gorgeous sunset views of Lake Erie are not to be missed.

Yellow Springs

Yellow Springs is a quaint artsy town located in western Ohio’s Greene County. The town’s carefree, laid-back and friendly vibe is reflected in its colorful character. While here visitors can explore eclectic shops, get up close with nature at the Glen Helen Nature Reserve, and let loose at the town’s incredibly popular twice-yearly Yellow Springs Street Fair, where just about anything goes. The nearby John Bryan State Park is also worth a visit.

Tipp City

Located just outside Dayton in Miami County, Tipp City has a lot to see and do, making it one of the best tourist destinations in Ohio. This lively town with beautiful parks and amazing local restaurants was voted “One of the Best Hometowns in Ohio,” by Ohio Magazine. This mid-18th-century town is home to a quaint historical downtown, which is listed in the National Historic Register. Additionally, Tipp City attracts a large number of visitors every year to its popular annual events like the Canal Music Fest and the annual Tipp City Mum Fest.


Granville is a picture-perfect quintessential town established in the 19th century by settlers from Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the middle of Ohio’s rolling hills approximately 30 minutes east of Columbus, the town’s New England charm has made Granville one of the must-see places to visit in Ohio. Visitors are impressed with the town’s unique blend of old historic buildings alongside cafes, boutiques, art galleries and vintage stores as they stroll through the quaint downtown. The historic Buxton Inn has been in operation here since 1812.

“In addition to a thriving economy and outstanding educational opportunities, Ohio is a fun state to explore. And these quaint towns are a wonderful place to spend an enjoyable weekend,” noted Victor Bierman III, Ohio lawyer and business expert.

Image Credit: Gone-Walkabout

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